As part of our sixth generation family farm in western Kentucky, Meadowview Flowers brings the seasonal beauty of regional wildflowers, annuals, perrenials and unique herbs and foliage to our arrangements and bouquets. What began as a small summer cutting garden continues to grow and change, as we add more varieties each year to bring more color and interest to our work. We now offer peonies, roses and several varieties of dahlias throughout the growing season. I enjoy the fact that my garden is now something I can share with so many.

Along with our planned annuals and perennials, the farm's many acres allow for plentiful foraging opportunities of native Kentucky wildflowers. Queen Anne's Lace, Iron Weed, Clover, Vetch, Milkweed and Black-eyed Susan are just a few of the possibilities, along with the occasional elusive Passion Flower. Foraging is one of my favorite pasttimes, and I am always amazed at what is out there!

My love of flowers started in my grandparents' backyard. The peonies there had the most heavenly scent I knew. At the age of 7 we moved to "the lake" where I was fortunate to have woods to explore and wildflowers to pick for my mom. I did not have a chance to garden until my adult years, and I am still learning. I am thankful to have spent three years in Japan where I studied Ikebana. It taught me the value of individual flowers, branches and foliage and to give an arrangement a natural sense of balance. I love being able to see my flowers through to the finished product in a bouquet or arrangement.